Never stop lusting

You fall in lust.  It’s all a thrill.  You see no flaws when you’re in lust.  You foresee no hiccups.  Then, with the passing of time, imperfections surface.  This lust no longer consumes every moment as it once did.

I’m not referring to the lust for your significant other.

I’m referring to the lust for your work.

Just as there is that “heart-pounding, always-thinking-about-you” newness when you fall in lust with someone, there is the same feeling when you discover what you lust to do.  You’re obsessed with new ideas.  You remain awake late into the night dreaming of the possibilities.

But that all-consuming lust fades.  What you do becomes monotonous.  Your eyes wander.  Your heart is distracted.  This is when some quit, off in search of that “new” feeling again.

Now is the time to delve further to renew your lust for your work.   Plunge into the minutiae.  Perhaps you’ll uncover an area you never explored.  Venture into something that doesn’t seem related to your work:  take a class; visit a museum; or take a weekend-trip.  Maybe you’ll realize that a not-so-obvious partnership provides you new perspective on your work.

However you’re able to revive that lust for your work, find a way.


Why do we wait?

Why do we wait until a new year to resolve to live better? Why do we wait until the kids head to college to indulge in a hobby? Why do we wait until we have a few more dollars in the bank to really live? Why do we wait until a loved one is no longer around to wish we had spent time with them?

Psst you don’t have the luxury of waiting.

No leaps required. No large sums of money either. Take a teensy step in the direction you want your life to go today. Then keep taking a teensy step each day.


All heart

dsc06208I’ve come to appreciate boxing as an incredibly public manifestation of life.  As brutal as boxing can be, so can life.  Both require some art, some science, and all heart.

This past weekend, we attended a boxing match, where we watched several undercard fights before the main event.  Regardless of whether a boxer was in the early stages of his career, or had a couple of dozen professional fights under his belt, all displayed heart.  Before he earned the right to step into that boxing ring, each boxer invested in himself for years.  Each day before, he had the discipline to train.  Each day before, he had the mental toughness to quash his doubts and his fears.  Each day before, he held onto the belief that his dream was possible. Continue reading