What’s in a Year?

Last year on this date, I began my Monday morning as no other.  Until that time, I’d been dividing myself and my time between writing legal briefs and crafting chocolate truffles.  Then, I left the practice of law to devote myself to cacao and chocolate, and Mondays (as with all other days) from that point on would be filled with chocolate.  At that moment, I could have only imagined what would transpire over the coming twelve months. 


Grinding cacao in Belize

Over the last year:

  • we’ve been welcomed into the community. We’ve been honored to provide our artisanal chocolates for local charity events, such as Luke’s Wings Hero Gala and Junior League of Washington’s Kitchen Tour, and for other notable events, such as the First Annual Silver Spring, Maryland, Easter Egg Hunt.

  • with your help, we traveled to the jungles of southern Belize on an educational journey to experience firsthand how cacao is grown, how cacao is transformed into chocolate, and how cacao was—and still is—significant to Mayan culture; and

  • our handcrafted confections, including our Fall Collection with our much-loved Pumpkin Spice truffle, Easter peanut butter bunnies, and Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel Caramels, have been warmly received by you.


Pumpkin Spice

It started years ago with a dream to create and share these creations.  Not only have I had the opportunity to realize this dream, but sharing chocolate has opened a door for discussion about passion, and in turn, priorities and people.

Here’s what I mean when I say people:  this last year, I’ve learned to be more grateful—grateful to the people who share with me their passions, as we feed off each other; grateful of my close network of family and friends; and grateful to those who’ve had my back.  The last two aren’t synonymous.  While many who were actively in my corner when I was a practicing attorney have continued to be as I’ve transitioned to chocolatier and entrepreneur, there are others who, I barely knew and when I least expected it, have stepped into my corner. 

Reflecting on this past year, I’ve discovered that when you live your passion, your priorities fall into place and the connections you make with others are just as rewarding as living your passion.  


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