Forgive the Most Important Person You Know

There have been moments when I find myself wondering why I didn’t act sooner—not just the move from lawyer to chocolatier, but even smaller changes in my life. I’d look back and think about an experience I wanted to try, and realize that years had passed since it first entered my mind. I would feel weighed down. I would think about the minutes, days, and weeks that flew by when I wanted to start but didn’t. Those times that I made an excuse that there weren’t enough resources or conditions weren’t ideal. All of these feelings and excuses felt so heavy on my shoulders. They became toxic.

After beiforgiveng in that mental and emotional state for a while, I decided to forgive myself. Not just saying, “Puja, it’s okay that you didn’t take action sooner.” But looking in the mirror and saying: “I forgive myself for not acting upon this idea before today. Now, stop letting more time pass and just try.”

But it’s not that easy, is it? It’s a constant dialogue when those thoughts enter your mind. So, I try to catch myself when I procrastinate about an idea and think about why I’m procrastinating. Maybe I don’t actually want it; or, maybe I’m afraid I’ll fail at it. But I have to make a decision—if I want it, take a step to move towards it. Otherwise, I clear it from my mind.

What have you been thinking about starting? When you finally started, did you forgive yourself for not acting sooner?


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