There are 1,000 Pujas

No, there aren’t. And there aren’t 1,000 Yous, either. Several months ago, someone said about me: There are 1,000 Pujas.

That was said in the context of, there are 1,000 Pujas who are pouring their hearts into their craft, nurturing a business, and fiddling over the details of both—all day, every day.


Of course, there other artists doing all of the above. You are one of them. You’re an artist whether you are a lawyer wordsmithing a legal brief, a baker painstakingly icing a five-layer wedding cake, a plumber installing a piping system to enhance decor, a licensed social worker counseling an individual, or a surgeon carefully making an incision to minimize scarring.

But no one has your voice, your perspective, and your touch. You may, like me, occasionally allow the voices of others, including those who mean well, to muffle your voice. But ultimately, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you express your gift—perhaps improved by others’ feedback—true to your vision.

So, no, there aren’t 1,000 Yous.


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