You don’t need buy-in from everyone.

While it would be ideal to have buy-in from the key people in your life, you may not get it. No, you don’t necessarily want to go it alone. And you want those who would be emotionally and/or financially impacted by your decision to support you. But you may spend a lot of energy trying to convince them. I’m not saying you shouldn’t explain to the people who play a significant role in your life why you’re making a change. I am saying that those who don’t agree with your decision may be holding out for their own reasons, maybe even their own insecurities. You know them. You know whether the reasons they voice to you are legitimate or are disguising insecurities.

Do the research so that you understand the pros and cons. Emotions can weigh heavily on all sides, so keep them out as much as possible.

But only you need to be committed to your choices. And your gut knows whether it’s the right decision.


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