Since I was three years old

Occasionally, I am asked if I’ve dreamed about becoming a chocolatier since my early youth.  That’s a fair question.  Given my personality, if I’d known at three years old that I wanted to work with chocolate and cacao, I would have pursued that path from that young age.

Was I excited about “chocolate” as a kid? Of course! What child doesn’t enjoy the over-sugared, mass-produced-candy parading as chocolate that most of us gobbled up in our early years? But as I’ve said before, that’s not chocolate (more here).  And it’s certainly not the chocolate and cacao I work with and encourage others to incorporate into their lives. I’ve grown up. I discovered “chocolate,” albeit later in life than I would have liked.

The idea may be that if you were enamored with a profession during an innocent (if you will) time in your life, it must be your true love. But that’s also akin to saying you’re not a growing, thinking, transforming being. Don’t believe that if you haven’t aspired to pursue a particular path since you were a child, you can’t discover it as an adult.

Keep exploring what makes you come alive.  And if you know someone who would benefit from this message, please share it with them.



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