It will work out

When I decided to leave full-time law to dive into the world of chocolate and cacao, in order to allay my fears, I had to remind myself of all the times in my life when “it has all worked out.” And to this day, when I’m worried about making a decision, I tell myself the same.

And this is the story that most often comes to mind when I’m in search of confirmation.

A year out of law school, I had outgrown my current employer and was job-hunting. But at that time, the job market for recent law graduates was discouraging. I learned about a couple of long-term positions at a large DC law firm (the “Z” firm) where you’d be assigned to one case. The Z firm wouldn’t be hiring you as an associate with all the “rights and privileges” that come with it. Nonetheless, the position would run a year or two. If the firm “liked you” and you performed well, you might be able to turn that assignment into a permanent associate position.

After I interviewed at the firm, I told a good friend from law school about the position since the firm had advertised two openings. I might have even encouraged her to apply. What do you think happened? The Z firm hired my friend. Not me. I kicked myself for sharing the opening with her. She worked for a couple of years at the firm. That case ended, and the firm never brought her on as an associate.

As upset as I was then, I couldn’t have known the blessings coming my way.

A federal judge hired me, and the experience I gained at the court led to my being sought-after by an international DC-based law firm. The people with which I worked at the court and the firm are those I still adore, and I would have not been looking for employment had I been working at the Z firm.

Not getting hired by the Z firm was indeed a blessing. That job, the people there, and whatever else came with that position were not meant for me. The universe had other plans.

These days, when I hear a “no” or an opportunity falls through, I remember the times, including this one, that it all worked out.


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