Yoga + Chocolate 

We recently hosted a Yin Yoga + Chocolate workshop with Third Space Wellness in Silver Spring.  A chocolate pairing was a natural fit for this type of yoga.  Click here for an overview of yin yoga if you are unfamiliar with it, and below you’ll find suggestions to conduct your own yoga and chocolate pairing.

Fit woman doing stretching pilates exercises in fitness studio.

Here’s why yin yoga and chocolate marry well.  Chocolate should be enjoyed when you’re able to turn the “do-not-disturb” sign on and take a moment (or two or three) of silence to employ your senses and fully experience each bite. Likewise, yin yoga requires focus and awareness. Yin yoga is by no means easy.  You hold a pose for several minutes, during which time your focus should be on the present and on releasing your body deeper into the pose but not to the point of pain.  For someone like me who is trying each day to take time to focus on the present—on being present at least for a few minutes without reaching into past problems or speculating over future worries—integrating a chocolate pairing with yin yoga required a mindfulness that I sincerely appreciated. Continue reading